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    Better Frame

    Recycling Foam Packaging waste (aka Styrofoam) into beautiful and ornate picture frames that if broken or no longer wanted can simply be returned and the materials reprocessed into new picture frames.

    Our closed loop recycling process will forever keep this one time waste material from entering our landfills and waterways. That’s our environmental mission here at Better Frame and working with Foam Cycle the patent-pending Foam Packaging waste collection and densifying system we believe

    " Foam Recycling helps put Earth in a

    Better Frame"

    Watch our closed-loop recycling

    process and see how a Better Frame is born!




  • In collaboration with

    Foam Cycle LLC &

    The Sussex County MUA,

    Better Frame is a closed loop recycled product that was developed in the summer of 2019 with help from a group of exceptional students from

    Montclair State University's

    "Green Team".

    Read the Green​ Team's report below

  • For more information on

    Montclair University's Green Teams

    Click the link below

  • Welcome to

    Foam Cycle

    "They say it can't be recycled, were here to prove them wrong".

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    This Better Frame web site will soon offer our picture frames for sale. In the meantime, if your interested in purchasing one of our beautiful frames or knowing more about our recycling program send us an email and we will be happy to get back to you with more information.

    Better Frame / Foam Cycle
    PO Box 181, Augusta NJ 07822